Wrath of the Warden – Day 2

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I almost feel I have always been reading and playing Symbaroum. I find it a bit hard to believe that I only picked up the PDF of the game in January, then consumed the whole thing in about a week. Since then, I have acquired the physical copy and filled my world with Davokar.

I cannot claim that the game of Symbaroum has no room to grow or develop. It isn’t necessarily the most perfect nor the most polished of systems. Like so many others it needs time to grow, taking advantage of an expanding player base to mature. But – the simplicity of the system and the draw of the setting make me want to get involved. I want to play in this world – I want to develop the setting. As you can see if you have read more than one or two posts on this site, The Iron Pact contains a lot of musing.

Expanding the World

Over the next few weeks and months, I suspect we will see more people devoting time and effort to expanding the world of Symbaroum for their own campaigns. I look forward to seeing that and how they interpret it. I have sometimes posted my own thinking and been told that I have stumbled, by chance, on something that even the publishers had quite got round to explaining – I’ve got close. Or, I have stumbled on something that fits into canon without necessarily being ‘right’ – it’s my right.

The Kickstarter campaign for Thistle Hold: Wrath of the Wardens provides anyone considering the game with a chance to expand it considerably. This volume kicks off the wider campaign, merely hinted in the material released up to now. The core book and The Copper Crown provide a mere taster for what will come – and Wrath of the Warden sets the first foot into the dark forest of Davokar.

From here you can never go back. More so, you won’t want to.


As the campaign has already funded with 19 more days to go, your pledge will provide the glorious icing on the cake that makes this book a joy – and add on great extras like maps, ribbon bookmarks, more adventures and who knows what else.

The Symbaroum core book is a beautiful book, as is The Copper Crown. Wrath of the Wardens should join them on your shelf looking just as glorious. You can make the difference. If you have the core book, run games, tell friends, post session reports, theorize on the secrets of the game world… I have found genuine pleasure in delving back into the book and unearthing something new, like a treasure-seeker picking his way through the ruins of Davokar.

You might also just post a link or use an image to draw attention. I’m not an artist (well, I might give it a go occasionally) – but you can use one of these banners and link it (or somewhere near it) to the Kickstarter.

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