More Monstrous Boons

December 23, 2017 Paul Baldowski 0

Approximate time to read: 5 minutes.   When the Monster Codex arrives in the middle of next year, Symbaroum will have more than enough beasts and monsters […]

Monstrous Traits

November 8, 2016 Paul Baldowski 5

Approximate time to read: 8 minutes.   Should Monstrous Traits be more generic? I had that strange thought the other day while looking through some of the […]

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T is for Tarasque

April 23, 2016 Paul Baldowski 0

Approximate time to read: 5 minutes.   The dragon was called of them that dwelled in the country Tarasque and it did make its abode about the […]

Blood Host

March 6, 2016 Paul Baldowski 2

Approximate time to read: 3 minutes.   On the battlefields of Alberetor, the forces of Queen Korinthia faced the armies of an unnatural enemy. Soldier battled soldier […]

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Coughs and Sneezes

February 17, 2016 Paul Baldowski 7

Approximate time to read: 3 minutes.   I have been reading through the Symbaroum core book and picking up areas that warrant more detail – or where […]