Ultimate Guard Flip’n’Tray

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To be clear, I have no connection to Ultimate Guard – other than gawping at the size of their stand at Spiel the last two years. I’m not saying the Flip’n’Tray is your only option either. I will say that I found the Ultimate Guard Flip’n’Tray an ideal way to carry around my Symbaroum Ability Cards and kit when I attended Con-tingency.

As you can see from the picture, the box flap opens to give access to the tray, the drawer, or both. Both elements have got a reasonably strong magnetic closure – so, you shouldn’t find it flying open. Indeed, I just held the box at the back and shook the box so the inner tray rattled against the front flap, and it didn’t budge. I mean… just don’t overdo it!

In the Tray

Inside, the tray at the top held a set of emergency dice and my dry wipe Experience counters. It could hold about twenty counters – but I had my nice metal dice in there in case I ended up playing a game!

The shallow tray pulls right out and makes for a simple way to hold the counters in front of you until you need them. I could remind myself, with a visible but controlled pile, that I needed to dole out counters for every completed challenge/scene.

The tray is 1 inch deep by 3 inches square. The tray has a soft lining, so if you do have special dice or something, they have a bit of cushion.

In the Drawer

The drawer held my Mystical Power cards and a double set of Ability cards.

Why a double set? Well, with the mix of characters at the table and six players not familiar with the game it seemed easier to have more than one copy of each Ability. It also means that if the players had a bunch of cards and only needed one copy, I could have a copy myself and not need to go through the rules to find something. When I ran a battle, I would pull the cards for the creatures I controlled and have them lying on the table in front of me.

I had the drawer out for the start of the game – dealing out the cards to the players who needed them – then put the whole thing to one side. I could then check cards when I need them.

My Bling

I like my bling at the table. I’m just saying it’s an absolute must, but I found it useful.

The exterior of the box has a textured anti-slip material that feels nice and the dimensions make it a nice fit next to my pen-filled game-ready Davokar-themed All Rolled Up. To get the extra cards in, you probably need to 100+ model pictured. You could get a 80+ if you just used a single deck of Symbaroum Ability Cards or carried a reduced set.

I have only had this for six months, so I can’t comment on handling wear-n-tear or vigorous use at the table. I don’t see any issues so far.


Upfront, these are affiliate links – so if you want to buy one yourself, you can also support The Iron Pact. Ultimate Guard is available through Amazon US [aff], Amazon UK [aff] and other online (and physical) outlets.


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