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Firstly, if you haven’t been there and joined up, the official English language web form for Symbaroum, on Reddit, has a lot of interesting discussions going on. By and large, these tend to revolve around discussion and interpretation of the rules, but that’s a good use of anyone’s time getting to grips with the mechanics and how they mesh with the themes and direction of the game.

I thoroughly recommend heading over there and having a look. As with any forum, make use of the Search facility before diving in with your own questions, as a lot of ground has been covered there over the last two years.

Recently, user Galafrone asked:

with the boon and burdens entry, do we have out in the web new character sheets ? with maybe some space also for background traits, etc ? Or for familiars ? thanks

Well, of course we do! You can find the Printer Friendly version of the character sheet on the Symbaroum Resources pageSymbaroum Character Sheet APG in the Characters section – and I’m open to tweaking and updating the content.

My apologies for very slight mismatches in the fonts in places – I have not invested in the original typeface files (although it exists as a goal on my The Iron Pact Patreon if the support reaches the $50 level; it would be invaluable to have these for that authentic feel in PDF materials and on the web site).


I added room for the companion – or familiar – by cutting out a little of the room set aside for equipment. I have then kept the spacing tight – so, Attributes have been cut to the starting letter – and I’d recommend entering the value as a modifier from -5 to +5, instead of 5 to 15. When the companion handles a combat versus an adversary, deduct the modifier of the opponent and then apply the outcome to a value of 10.

Your companion has an Defence (Quick) of 13 (modifier +3). A Violing attacks it (Accurate 13, modifier -3). You need to roll 10 or under (10 + 3 – 3) for the companion to avoid the attack. If some untrained peasant farmer had attacked (Accurate 8, modifier +2), the companion would need to roll 15 or under (10 + 3 + 2).

I have not included space for Toughness or Pain Threshold as these can be easily derived from Strong – or a modifier noted if Abilities or Traits apply.

There’s no reason why you can’t use this space for a henchperson instead of an familiar or trained animal companion.


Another tweak moves secondary and tertiary weapons on to the second sheet, moving the primary next to armor. The benefit, an extra four spots for Abilities, Powers, Background Traits, Boons and Burden.


  1. Moving in the right direction. But I still miss more space for abilities, powers,boons & burdens.
    How about making those squares smaler to make space for mor of them and also make Weapons & armour go to the back page, only keaping stats for damage & defense on the front page?

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