Symbaroum Reference Sheets

Approximate time to read: <1 minutes.   

Version 2 of the Symbaroum Reference Sheets – slimmed down to three A4-sheets from the original four I  had to start. The sheets cover:

– Quick Combat & Death Saves
– Weapons, Armor & Monster Traits
– Situations, Conditions & Corruption

Comments appreciated. For the time being, I’m sticking with the A4 portrait version but will consider reformatting to landscape at some point.

I also think I might have room for a fourth sheet, but I’m loathe to sling something together without having a focus on utility. I suspect that I will get ideas the more I run the game.


Link to Symbaroum Reference Sheets


  1. Do you have a printer friendly version of any of the reference sheets? I want to print them out but I don’t have color ink.

  2. I really like these, well done and exactly what I was looking for!

    I’d also be interested in translarting these to German, since it’s been published here as well and I believe these sheets would be quite the resource for a lot of players, including myself. Since I don’t have the fonts and the like, would it be feasible to simply send you your English PDF with the corresponding German text commented in, so you could implement it?

    Plus, I’d also be quite interested in a printer-friendly version.

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