Symbaroum Resources

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Symbaroum is a world of dark fantasy published by JärnringenThe Iron Pact looks to support both Game Masters and players entering this dangerous landscape for the first time. Beyond the Core Books and supplements, The Iron Pact offers house rules, alternate and expanding (non-canon) setting material, additional game system and character operations, adventures and encounters, and handy reference material.

You can find a lot of the reference material linked directly below, to help all GMs and players interested in Symbaroum – novices, adepts, and masters. In addition, the list also includes available resources, forums, sites and other goodness from across the Web.

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Official Resources and Fan Social Media

The Iron Pact – Characters

Pre-generated character sheets, ready to download and print; including, characters from the Core Book adventure The Promised Land.

The Iron Pact – Character Sheets

A variety of character sheets, different sizes and modified formats, suitable for your Symbaroum gaming.

A flavourful, themed character sheet on A4, in both English and Spanish, by Antonio Trapero Pardo:

An A3-format booklet-style character record/journal, in four different languages; created by Reddit user wolfa127:

The Iron Pact – Ability Quick Reference Cards

Poker card-sized reference cards for Game Master and player-alike, including (almost) all of the Abilities and Mystical Powers from the Core Book.

The Iron Pact – Reference Sheets

Quick reference material for the Game Master based on the material originally released for the Swedish-version of the GM Screen.

  • Reference Sheets – 1, Quick Combat; 2, Monsters & Melee; 3, Situations, Conditions & Corruption

Ability and Mystical Power reference sheets, useful for character creation as an immediate guide – created by Candacis.

Combat guide, providing a quick run down to the options available – including both core book and Advanced Player’s Guide. Created by Candacis.

Quick reference cards for players to see what they can spend Experience Points on during the game:

The Iron Pact – Maps and Encounters

Twitter encounters allow you to pick out an event, discovery or incident – summed up in 140-characters – for quick in-play filler or to generate your own ideas.

The Iron Pact – Treasures and Remnants

The Iron Pact – Imagery

Pinterest boards are steeped with imagery that I associate with different aspects of Symbaroum; the civilised world, the depths of the great forest, the ruins beneath Davokar, and beyond.

  • Symbaroum: General imagery that either comes from the books or makes me think of the game’s landscape
  • Symbaroum – Dungenesis: The ruins of Symbaroum, now buried beneath the magical ‘scab’ of Davokar
  • Symbaroum – Changeling: Images of the Elven ‘spies’ seeded in families beyond the borders of Davokar

Other Resources

  • Heyzrehell’s Character Sheet – Google Sheets character record for Symbaroum. Don’t edit directly; make a COPY first!
  • Symbaroum Unofficial – Android app; including character creation and a filtered reference to all abilities, powers, rituals, traits, boons and burdens from the Core and Advanced Player’s Guide. In-app setting for English, Swedish and Italian.
  • Symbook – Android app; a quick reference cyclopedia for traits, abilities, mystical powers, boons and burdens, rituals, and monstrous traits for Symbaroum.
  • Thematic Symbaroum Notepaper PDF – printable notepaper sheet in the style of the Symbaroum core book
  • Ordo Magica – fan page / blog
  • Karvosti – fan page / blog