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Following a discussion on Slack, I offer up the services of The Iron Pact as a clearing house for links to resources for Symbaroum across the Interwebs.

I realise that The Iron Pact is not the centre of the Symbaroum universe and that a lot of good stuff exists out there. I would love to make that stuff more accessible. Linking through and out of The Iron Pact works for everyone in getting resources more visible – and we all benefit from the improved searchability through Search Engines.

Check the page for listed resources and if you want to add something, drop it through to the listed email address.

I will have to spend some time working through The Iron Pact to link to all the material I’ve generated since the start of the year. It would be brilliant, as attention and interest in the Symbaroum RPG continue to expand, if we could just say, “Check out the Symbaroum Resource page on The Iron Pact,” and newcomers will have a flood of material to look through.

So, check out the Symbaroum Resources page (also linked in the header of the site) and send me your suggestions.

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  1. Hello,
    I think that your abilities and powers cards would have their place in the ressources page.
    Be sure that I will often check out “the Symbaroum Resource page on The Iron Pact” 🙂

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