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I have had a request for Printer Friendly versions of the Symbaroum Reference Sheets. I have done what I can, but in certain instances, the content of the sheet has been lifted from the rules or some other source (like material created for the crowd-funding) to simplify the process for me. All that retyping!

The three sheets cover:

  • Quick Combat & Death Saves – which has a coloured background having come from the book with many minor modifications by me to add additional information.
  • Monsters & Melee – the Weapons and Armor charts come straight from the book. The other table could be more printer-friendly by removing the line, but they make it easier to read.
  • Situations, Conditions & Corruption – which finishes off the trio of essential reference sheets and, again, I would suggest will be less heavy on the printer even retaining the lines for clarity of the information.

I hope that’s some help. You can reach each of the sheets through the title links above, downloaded from Google Drive.

I have all three sheets laminated and have them to hand whenever I run a session. If you find that you still have to use the rulebook a lot for something else, do tell me. I have had requests for a fourth sheet simply because that makes a more balanced GM screen arrangement. However, I have never really had enough sense of what I could use to fill up that space.

If all else fails, I could go the route of the 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons screen and fill the space with character / setting fluff tables!


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