Symbaroum Kickstarter One-Shot

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In the throat of the northern pass out of the Titans, the first semblance of Ambrian civilisation stands guard – Camp Titan. Once a small fort and temporary home to Queen Korinthea as she voyaged north, freed from captivity; now the Camp provides shelter to those refugees travelling north out of Alberetor. Some stay here for a night, seeking nothing more than a place to stay out of the elements; others linger longer, weighed down by poor repute or questionable beliefs, certain that to go on would be a fate worse than isolation.

On April 27, I ran a Symbaroum One-Shot in support of the Kickstarter for Yndaros: The Darkest Star, with players that included Mattias Johnsson, co-creator of the game.

The adventure features regularly as one of my convention staples – an introductory session that fits neatly into 3 – 3.5 hours – and takes place mostly in Camp Titan, which has featured in articles around The Iron Pact in the past. The session uses the Queen’s Guard.

Thanks to unMadeGaming for hosting and handling all the complicated technical stuff!

The Queen’s Guard Redux

The Queen’s Guard (or Watch, if they’re stationed in an urban environment) represent the bottom of the barrel in terms of military forces. Rather than punish or imprison ne’er-do-wells in the Army, the troublemakers end up in the Guard doing the work no one else wants to. Originally introduced in W is for the Watch, these characters have been available for some time and make for ideal introductory pre-gens, with an inbuilt reason to both trust and work together.

The characters used in the adventure have roughly 70XP, making them slightly more capable, but also have a couple of characteristic points less, which makes them interesting to play! The guard makes for ideal one-shot characters – throwing them into the mix for a game without worrying about motivation or purpose… they’re in it because they have to and they strive to show they’re worthy.

You can download the revised character sheets from Google Drive The Queen’s Watch v2

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