Heyzrehell’s Google Character Sheet

Approximate time to read: 1 minutes.   

Amongst many other utilities now available for Symbaroum, Heyzrehell posted a version of the character sheet in Google Sheets over on the Google+ community.

I offer to you all a Google Spreadsheet mainly made to be used with Hangouts. It is shared here with the permission of Järnringen.

For those unfamiliar with how Google Drive and Google Spreadsheets work, please be aware of the following:

Any changes made to the sheet is instantly updated to all those sharing the same file so: before using or fiddling with it, right click on the folder AND PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF A PRIVATE COPY.

I would even suggest making youself 2 copies. So you alway have one clean and ready to use for new games / groups / campaigns.

Finally please be aware that this sheet is not 100% RAW. The changes are explained in the LEGAL tab.

If you have any question or suggestions or if you come across a typo please, let me know!


In addition to this new character sheet, I have also added links on the Symbaroum Resource page to the excellent mobile apps Symbook and Symbaroum Unofficial – a worthy addition to your smart-device when preparing for or running a game.

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