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I can see a fair few sessions of Symbaroum coming up over the next several months, with various conventions and demo games. I’m confirmed to run Symbaroum at Concrete Cow 16 in March, UK Games Expo in June, possible at Seven Hills in April and in my current home gaming club.

Some kit seemed in order…


That’s the whole kit for the time being (minus the Davokar map I posted earlier in the month). Clockwise, we have:


The All Rolled Up game roll holds my dice, the reference cards in plastic card box, Staedtler dry wipe pens, dry wipe cards for taking notes or keeping track of Toughness in combat and a few counters (not shown) for keeping track of quick moving targets in battles or on the dry wipe maps.


I realise the dice aren’t based on this game, but they have a cool and clear design. Q Workshop can, on occasion, let the design overtake the dice, but these look really good and the numerals all read clearly. I realise I don’t get to roll too many dice when I’m running Symbaroum, but it doesn’t mean I can’t have them on the table looking pretty.


To be clear, the dice bag is not official. My wife makes the All Rolled Up game roll / dice bag accessory (for almost three years now) and she surprised me with this as a gift! The Davokar map on the outside has been printed on fabric and fixed / sewn as a panel on the outside. I’d commented earlier in the week that I thought the fabric would suit Symbaroum because of the Elves and their tie to the seasons – here with brown (winter), red (autumn), dark green (summer) and light green (spring). I think it came out really well.


I really look forward to running games in the world of Symbaroum at events later this year – and hope that all this GM bling will draw some much-deserved attention.

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