Narrow PDF Character Sheet

Approximate time to read: 1 minutes.   

After spotting a request on Reddit for a blank version of the narrow Symbaroum nature sheet, I have created a basic form fill PDF of the narrow Symbaroum character sheet that you can download for personal use. It’s simple; nothing fancy. All the basic fields with take text input, while larger boxes collapsing the size of the font if you put a lot in.

I wouldn’t recommend putting too much text in the background field at the moment. You can always leave fields empty and then use the white space to add information by hand. Nothing has been flagged as necessary or must-have, though I have marked the Attribute fields as numbers between 5 to 25, just to keep some sort of check in place!


If you do feel some artistic inclination and have access to a graphics application, you can let your confidence take you on a journey and use the plain JPG image for the narrow sheet as the background for your efforts.


If you have any feedback, feel free to leave a comment. I will make updates on the same PDF, so if you follow the link, above or on the Resources page, you should always have access to the latest version.

And for the artistic amongst you, use the portrait space to doodle something nice. I can’t lay claim to artistic excellence myself!

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