Le Pacte De Fer

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I can hardly believe that I have been reading, playing and gamemastering Symbaroum for more than a year and running The Iron Pact for most of that time. I have enjoyed every minute of it.

When the AKA Games crowd-funding kicked off for a French edition of Symbaroum, I did my bit to support the cause. I spent time on the AKA Games Symbaroum forum and one thing that came up, time and again, was the enthusiasm and demand for a French language version of The Iron Pact.

I am pleased to announce the first post today on Le Pacte de Fer.

Thanks for Anthony Kerignard and Xandines for their diligent translation work – something that will also get me to go back and check for errors from now on! If you’re interested in helping with the ongoing translation work, contact me on oathsworn AT theironpact DOT com – and I’ll get back to you.

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