G is for Goyl

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the-goylOut of what crypt they crawl, I cannot tell,
But every night I see those stony things,
Jet black, horned, and slender, malignant things,
They come in legions from ‘neath Davokar’s swell

As slender spines of ruinous destruction rise from beneath the surface of Davokar’s verdancy, so to come creatures unknown since ages past.

Of those who have seen them and survived to form theories, they split between two lines of thinking. One side considers these creatures mere servitors of the ancestors, entities constructed to fulfil a purpose long forgotten. The other side posit the theory these monsters are the ancestors themselves, long since declined into barbarism. Perhaps just a single caste of that former civilisation, but a shade of their forgotten existence nonetheless.

Whatever the truth of the matter, when the splinters of the ancestors skewer the surface, they bring with them dark swarms of swooping Goyl.


Race  Construct
Resistance Ordinary (60)
Traits Long-Lived, Natural Weapon (I/10), Robust (I/10), Survival Instinct (I/10), Wings (II/30)
Accurate 11 (−1), Cunning 7 (+3), Discreet 13 (−3), Persuasive 5 (+5), Quick 15 (−5), Resolute 9 (+1), Strong 10 (0), Vigilant 10 (0)
Abilities  None
Weapons  Claws 5
Armor  Leathery hide 2 (ignores additional 2pts dmg/hit)
Defense  -3 to hit
Toughness  10   Pain Threshold  5
Equipment  None
Shadow  Blood red (corruption: 0)
Tactics  The Goyl tend to lead a solitary existence, but can capably take advantage of numbers when the opportunity arises. Under normal circumstances they take full advantage of the environment to swoop and slide out of reach then drop low to attack. They’re bright enough not to just drop on an enemy with a spear held upright or make themselves easy targets for missile fire. No creature lives for centuries without the commonsense to fight hard and with a astute sense for survival.

Appearance  Broad and squat with leathery skin the color of a day-old scab. Barrel-chested with huge muscular shoulders from which protrude a pair of bat-like wings almost three yards across from tip to tip.

Environs  The Goyl inhabit the ruins and rock splinters of the underworld, wheeling and swooping through the caverns and shafts with expert ease. They could turn on an orteg, punching through the air with considerable speed then changing direction with a powerful snap of their wings. On the ground they have become used to dealing with rough terrain, though anyone witnessing their movement would judge their discomfort with ease. Where dungenesis sends their homes slicing through to the surface, they find new freedom and much improved hunting ground amidst the trees or the high peaks of the mountains. Scholars might argue that such creatures likely lack emotion, but to witness one swooping and gliding through high peaks its hard to envisage their reaction as anything but joyous.

Predation and Treasure  In the earth spires and rocky caverns Goyl live off rare earths and mineral salt deposits. When they attack living creatures, they do so out of defense or even sport rather than in search of a meal. No modern day scholar knows whether they procreate and if so whether something like a nest might exist – so slaying a Goyl does not provide access to a mound of valuables.

The treasure of a Goyl lies in the guts. If you cut one open and dig around in the internal organs, a determined treasure-seeker will find 1D10 thaler worth of undigested precious stones and ores. They also have a 1 in 20 chance of finding some random curiosity – perhaps a piece of jewelry, a oddly shaped key or some other stranger item.

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