Flavorful Character Sheet

Approximate time to read: <1 minutes.   

I have added a new A4 landscape character sheet with a nice thematic look for the Symbaroum game, in a sort of grubby black-white style. Created by Antonio Trapero Pardo, who assists with the translation work on the Spanish version of The Iron Pact, El Pacto de Hierro, he has been kind enough to provide versions in both English and Spanish.

You can find the two sheets linked in the Character Sheets section of the Symbaroum Resources page.

(Before the comments, I used flavorful without the U because Symbaroum uses US English)


  1. Great! I hope people will make more of these. Is there a blank on so we can add other backgrounds? Some of the old D&D character cards used this and the art in full color for the character (AD&D First Quest, others). There is room here for a portrait under the Defense stats.

  2. There is one typo on the English one that I saw: in Max Toughness section it says Treshold instead of Threshold. Other than that, it looks really cool.

  3. This is really beautiful . Is there any chance we could get our hands on a blank one, to translate into our preffered language? I would really like to make a swedish one.

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