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Something I recommend to anyone playing any role-playing game, not least Symbaroum, is to get on to sites like Artstation, Deviantart and Pinterest with the aim of gathering evocative and inspiring art.

The single strongest pull for me when I first came to Symbaroum was ‘s glorious and atmospheric illustration. Very few role-playing games (excepting, for example, Tales from the Loop) have grappled with my senses so effectively. More than 3 years after seeing them for the first time, I remain awed by the dark majesty of the Davokar forest and the strange bleak urban landscapes of the Ambrian cities and townships.

The characteristic look of Martin’s work isn’t something common, so a lot of the pictures I have gathered are evocative of his work and the atmosphere he has worked to create.

For a start, I have gathered many images that remind me of the ruins within the great and terrible forest of Davokar. Not only ruins, but the great monuments of civilisation past that erupt, all too briefly, through the scabrous flesh of the wilds through the process I have called dungenesis.

I recommend that you start your own Pinterest galleries to gather up inspirational imagery, invaluable in spawn new plots and evoking the atmosphere of Symbaroum.

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