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Tradition: Only available to Inquisitors or a character with at least three other Mystical Powers from the Theurgy tradition.
Material: A pair of blessed manacles.
In the field of action faced with heretics and inhumans, the Inquisitor relies on faith and the blessing of Prios to inhibit and encumber their enemies with the weight of the wrong-doing. Failing that, they have the means to physically hamper or slow the inrighteous, binding their extremities with blessed iron

Novice – Active. A target is affected if the mystic passes a [ResoluteResolute] test. The mystic summons a binding glove or boot into existence that manifests around the extremity of a target. It appears like a shimmering haze of light and cold fire. The target has a second chance to fail all success tests that require use of the limb until the end of the scene or the mystic loses concentration. If the mystic binds a hand, anything held immediately drops to the floor and requires an action to retrieve.

Adept – Active. Same as the novice level, but the mystic summons a binding that prevents movement of two limbs. If the character loses their hands to the binding, they cannot holding or manipulate anything, nor gesture. If the characters loses their feet to the binding, they cannot move and will risk falling prone if struck, requiring a [StrongStrong] or [Strong←damage] test to remain upright. A bind on one of each means a second change to fail on all success tests.

Master – Active. Same as the adept level, but the binding burns hot with the natural corruption of the target. Each turn roll 1D6 against the total corruption of the target. If the roll is greater than the corruption of the target, they may attempt a [Resolute] test to dissolve the binding, freed from their incarceration by the purity of their soul. If the roll is equal to or lower than the corruption value, the target suffers the outcome of the roll in damage, ignoring armor.