Approximate time to read: 1 minutes.   

Tradition: Witchcraft (blessed of Oroke)
Material: A string of braided spider web
Oroke broods in a web at the heart of everything, so they say. Each strand of that web stretches out through the shadows of eternity, connecting and interconnecting into the furthest reaches of the dark. A Mystic with a knowledge of the Aorist can reach out at pluck those strands, repeating, extending or slipping through the moment.

Novice – Active. With a successful [Resolute] test the Mystic gently tugs on the strands of time. Until the end of the Scene or for the next 10 turns/one minute (whichever comes sooner), the player can re-roll one roll of the die, per turn. Having re-rolled, the player must accept the second result, even if worse than the original.

Adept – Active. The Mystic can stretch and pull the strands of time around any single target within their sight. As a result, all tests relating to the target work against them, so a player will roll with Favor if the target was a non-player character — or if targeting a player character, that individual will makes all test with Disfavor. The effect persists until the Mystic fails a [Resolute] test.

Master – Active. The Mystic entwines the strands of time about themselves and then tugs, vanishing. At any time before the end of the Scene they can reappear anywhere they might have reasonably reached (assuming they took two Movement Actions per turn) and can act immediately, as if they had scored the highest roll for initiative, if entering a combative or competitive situation.