Elixirs of Davokar (Part 1)

Approximate time to read: 2 minutes.   

As referenced in the Core Rulebook, the peoples of Ambria and Davokar possess considerable knowledge about the uses and abuses in combining and transforming natural substances. Alchemists, herbalists, druids, witches and mystics all have their own approaches in harnessing the power of herbs, fruits, metals, minerals and even the ashen crust of corruption, which lies thick upon the dead fields of Alberetor.

Those with knowledge of alchemy may prepare the following concoctions (as an aspect of their Ability) while others might acquire these Elixirs from specialist stores, stalls, and wandering traders.

Cost: 5 shillings
Alchemy level: Novice
A clear liquor distilled from a brilliant blue flower, Harebell must be ingested – whether in a drink or meal – to have a beneficial effect. A prospect exists of detecting the taint, based on a [CunningVigilant] test. Detected or not, for the rest of the scene, if the individual who consumed the Harebell tells a lie the flesh of their tongue turns bright blue.

Maran’s Love
Cost: 4 thalers
Alchemy level: Journeyman
A preparation that includes the woody bark and fibrous crown of the Maran plant, preparation involves careful extraction and combination of materials in the pale of a moonless night. Once complete, the alchemist must wrap the material in a triangle of clean, white fabric. To use, the character places the cloth against their heart and, for the remainder of the scene, they become ‘arrow-proof.’ While active, any attack by an archer rolls with Disfavor – use two dice for the success test and apply the worst result.

Pulus Leaf
Cost: 2 thalers
Alchemy level: Novice
The fleshy leaf of the pulus tree must be infused in water peppered with rare salts. Placed under the tongue, the sharp taste sharpens the senses and clears the mind. For the remainder of the scene, even if that scene is an off-adventure period like a night of sleep or a day of travel, the character benefits from either a +1 on Persuasive or Vigilant. The benefit disappears if the character – or someone else – removes the leaf.

Cost: 2 thalers
Alchemy level: Novice
A combination of a leafy flowering weed, oils and powdered bone, Sticksharp provides protection against spirits when carried close to the skin – normally in a small parcel secured with a cord and worn around the neck. Sticksharp gives off a strong, sharp smell in the presence of spirits and gives +1 on Resolute or Vigilant for the rest of the scene. The character must choose the Attribute affected when first exposed to the presence of the spirit.

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