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patreon_logoAfter posting more than 80 articles and more than 62,000 words of content, I have realised that I can only maintain this level of output with a little support from the wider Symbaroum-engaged public.

I’ve mentioned it before – and now I’ve taken the plunge – by kicking off a Patreon campaign for The Iron Pact to provide some support to allow the creative output some room.

Having spent the last two weeks working on another project and with other freelance work at hand, I need to engage some priorities – and Patreon-funding will make the difference.

By becoming a patron you help me focus my time and available tools on creating more content. Every post requires reading and research, as well as drafting, writing, and a bit of drawing too.
I have invested hundreds of hours of time into the site over the last three months, which has left me with little time to do anything else in my limited spare time. I find my creativity requires focus – and I can’t work on two or three weighty projects at the same time with different focus, genre and game systems.
I hope, if you have enjoyed the site so far, you will take the time to support me as a patron. Our exploration of the world of Symbaroum has only just begun…

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