The Cow and the Recharge

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Paul-Baldowski-running-Symbaroum-at-Concrete-Cow-2016I will be running Symbaroum at Concrete Cow for the morning session (10am) in Milton Keynes, 10th September 2016.

The Wheel of Misfortune

Since the Great War erupted months ago, life has become much harder across the roads and fields of Alberetor. What little news makes it out into the rural heartland hints at a slow pressure from the borders as the attacks of the Dark Lords grow more fierce and decisive.

You might be nothing more than common folk of the village of Djupa, but you feel a drive to aid your country and fulfil your destiny in the name of your King. With others from the village at your side, you travel on foot northward to Grimsgil to come before the local steward and give your oath to service.

Also, I have been taking some down time from posting fresh Symbaroum content – here and elsewhere – to (a) allow me to recharge my batteries and (b) allow me to focus on writing content for The Cthulhu Hack, a simple game of investigation and battle the forces of Lovecraftian horror.

I will post occasionally, but plan to come back with the motherlode of content for mid-September 2016.

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