Symbaroum Reference Cards – Part 1

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Symbaroum-Reference-CardsAs I GM across diverse gaming groups, I find, time and again, players that sit in defined roles. One of those likes to have access to the game’s core book(s) at all times. Some simply need to feel the comforting touch of a rule book; others wish to leverage understanding the rules to enhance their character’s potential within the team or situation.

Of course, some players just want to know what all these words and numbers on their character sheet mean.

For this group – into which many players fall, in a sort of multi-layered Venn diagram sub-set – well-considered reference materials will suffice. Given most GMs don’t have multiple copies of the core book, offering these players a viable alternative pretty much becomes a must-do. In the case of Symbaroum, this applies to Powers, Abilities, and Traits – and because many of these remain and improve over time, creating something now will serve you time and time again.

Go to the Symbaroum Resources page to download the cards.


  1. I love your work and think the Iron Pact site is awesome. I have noticed an error on the Two handed force card. The text seems to have got mixed up with the Steel Throw card at adept and master level. These cards and reference sheets are really good and will help the flow of my game. I intend to purchase a laminater to do them justice. Keep up the good work it is much appreciated


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