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As ever, I’m always on the look out for useful resources that will ease your preparation or gaming in the world of Symbaroum. With that in mind, here’s an update on new content within the Resource page, how you can support the continued growth of The Iron Pact, and a final note as we roll into the third year for this site.

Character Sheets

Worthy discovery for yesterday goes to Reddit user wolfa127, who added an A3-sized journal-style version of the Symbaroum character sheet – and then, with the assistance of users Dreadino (Italian) and olol1234 (French), expanded the available language options.

I have expanded the Symbaroum Resources page to include a separate Character Sheet section and linked to the individual language-versions of the journal, along with the existing extended A4 character sheet and mini card-sized character sheets.

Images from Symbaroum

Also worthy of note, I continue – pretty much daily – adding images to Pinterest that I feel resonate with some potential for Symbaroum. I currently have these linked on the Resources page as well – with a general evocative of Symbaroum category, and specific ones for Symbaroum Dungenesis and Symbaroum Changelings.

Worthy Resources

If you find a must have resource out there on the Internet that I haven’t included in the Resources page, drop me a comment here or you can contact me through email.

Your Support

If you find The Iron Pact useful – or, indeed, Le Pacte De Fer, Der Eisenpakt, El Pacto De Hierro, Jarnpakten, or Il Patto Di Ferro – you can support my work by becoming a patron through The Iron Pact Patreon page.

The creation, co-ordination and upkeep of the material across all of these sites requires time and focus, and your support will make a lot of difference, providing me with the means to expand my tools and resources.

If I could get 72 patrons at Traveller level, a donation of just $1 per blog post, it would not only provide me with the resource to expand the Twitter encounter posts and get access to better typefaces, it would make it possible to create better quality resources, like handouts and reference sheets, with improved publishing tools. As I generally post twice a month, that’s a cost of just $2 per month to you (plus local taxes, like VAT) – but it means a lot to me in bringing you more content across all the sites.

The Iron Pact 2018

With the new year, it will be 2 years since I picked up a copy of Symbaroum; in February, it will be 2 years since the first post on the blog. I appreciate all the feedback, appreciation and the many contributions to expanding The Iron Pact – which currently hosts more than 117,000 words of content. I’m certain that 2018 will expand that even further – and I hope you’ll remain faithful to Prios and Queen Korinthia as we move forward.

You can keep on top of new material, upcoming events and games by subscribing to The Iron Pact newsletter (using the form on the right of the site).

Have a good end to you year and see you on the other side in 2018!

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