More Symbaroum Encounters

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depths-of-DavokarShort and simple encounters can be a life saver in a session. Whether you’re running the game on the fly or find your characters have gone off in completely the wrong direction – a brief and flavorful situation can provide a quick catch to get going.

If you’re on Twitter and you have yet to follow the feed for The Iron Pact, you’re missing out on a stream of brief ideas for finds, encounters and moments in Ambria, Davokar and beyond.

While I’m going to do my level best to keep up the stream with new ideas, I’m always open to suggestions – and you can send them through using the simple form below. Have a look at the feed – either on Twitter or the sidebar of this site – to see the format – then submit in the Encounter box, below.Keep it to about 120 characters.

If you can keep your suggestion about 120 characters in length, all the better. Otherwise, I’ll take the idea and see what I can make of it! If I use your encounter and you leave a name – I’ll drop you a credit for your assistance on Twitter. If you leave a Twitter username, it’ll be a link.

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