Longcon 2017

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Some conventions seek to serve up a platter of gaming opportunities, a buffet of snacks and tasters, quick adventure and demos. And then there are conventions with loftier intentions, where players and GMs alike set down whole weekends to play a single continuous game; a chance to run a sort of micro-campaign for a captive audience.

While I had planned to run a couple of shorter games at Longcon this year, feedback has made me alter tack and go for the whole weekend. As it’s in less than two months time, that means I have some fairly focussed prep to be getting on with (though I have noted GMs for adventures at Gen Con prepping for months now and I’m wondering whether I should be doing the same; maybe I’m not appreciating the gravity of that event yet).

I pondered the focus of a weekend micro-campaign, but it seemed obvious fairly quickly – a trip to the besieged city of Ambra. At the same time, I can give thought to getting the unfinished second alphabet of articles finished off – many mapped, but none yet finished and polished to completion.

Wish me luck. For the players, I doubt luck will suffice…

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