Don’t Mention the Ducks

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The Andrik are coming.

Having passed the 800,000 SEK mark, on the Monster Codex Kickstarter, you have now let loose the ducks of war upon the face of Symbaroum.

You cannot seal the gates once they’ve been flung wide – and like the anguished fans of Runequest who flinch at the mere mention of orange sauce, you’re table will face the unremitting puns associated with duck-kind.

The Andrik

Järnringen originally released the Andrik supplement for April Fools. Available on their website, in Swedish, it added the strange creatures to the world of Symbaroum for those who dared to embrace them. Intended as a joke (obviously), I have read many times of the instances where this humorous addition to Symbaroum lore has become a genuine facet of the game.

Like Runequest, there are many who respect the dark aspect of these misbegotten non-humans. The Andrik have a history that blends into the broader landscape of the world and with the passing of the current Kickstarter above 800,000 SEK, they will come refined for play and translated into English.

Rejoice! You too will have the chance now to play these plucky treasure-seekers; and their addition in the canon will add another feather to the Gamemaster’s cap in creating rich encounters.

Target Acquired

Next up for the Monster Codex Kickstarter, hitting 900,000 SEK will open up an A3 map of the forest of Davokar, which will include twenty new ruin icons. On the back, you will find rumours about each of these new exploration sites, fitting as hooks to draw your treasure-seekers into the depths of the forest.

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