Davokar in minimald6

Approximate time to read: 1 minutes.   

I find that tinkering with ideas can be a wellspring for creative thought, so I read the short text of Thronelands with interest. And then I followed the trail to Analog Konsole and the minimald6 system.

Stripped back and very simple, it invited tinkering (genuinely, given the Creative Commons note) – and so, I thought I’d give Davokar a spin.

It’s ultra-lite, with a few familiar aspects from the Core Book and Advanced Player’s Guide. And it’s — obviously — untested. However, on a whim, it got me thinking and you’re welcome to give it a spin.

And check out Thronelands and the original spin-offs on the Analog Konsole site in the meantime.

Dare you enter minimald6 Davokar!

And now available as a PocketMod!

(Print PocketMod full size on A4; prepare per these instructions: http://www.pocketmod.com/howto/)

Misty Forest © 2013-2018 Sebastian Wagner – used with permission


  1. Great thing! I would rather take 4,5 and 6 as successes, as 33,333% seems meager a chance for an unmodified roll. Instead of having 33% (1d6), 53ish (2d6 1 quality) then 69ish (3d6 2 qualities) we would have 50, 75 then 87,5 %.

  2. This ultra-lite version of the rules is fantastic! However, as mentioned in another Iron Pact post, “Whither Davokor?”, it may be a little too light. Perhaps it could be built out just a bit more, still using the MinimalD6 ruleset, or maybe FlexD6 which is related to MinimalD6.

    Having a very small character sheet for Davokar would be a nice addition to the ultra-lite ruleset. Any thoughts on what should be included/excluded? I may try to use your One Shot Symbaroum char sheet as inspiration.

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