The Entombed – Draft

Approximate time to read: 1 minutes.   

entombedThe roiling, trembling earth lurched and sputtered like a graveyard cough, a wave of dirt and bone surging upward and forward. Jarian back-peddled frantically, his hands seeking out the scabbard at his side, but the wave came too quickly, collapsing across him and pinning him to the ground. An earthy miasma welled up with the creature, choking the clean breath from Jarian’s lungs, even as the mass pressed down hard on his chest. He gagged and fought for air, his one free arm waving wildly trying to shield his face from the spray of reeking grave dirt. He opened his mouth to call for aid from his companions, but the creature surged over him, bones and splinters of leathery flesh bashing and scraping at the thief’s skin.

I haven’t quite got the opportunity to complete the intended write up of the Entombed this morning. In truth, having created the basic Attributes and Abilities last night, I seem to have spent more time fiddling with an illustration.

Expect a full write-up of this grave fury (hey, maybe that’s an alternative name) during the next few days. In the meantime, I present the work in progress for your reference.


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