Deep Connections

June 24, 2018 Paul Baldowski 0

Approximate time to read: 5 minutes.   Those more used to games that service party building through mechanical reward or for which association comes through engineering selection, […]

Arms of Quality

August 26, 2017 Paul Baldowski 2

Approximate time to read: 6 minutes.   Mechanics don’t necessarily need to make perfect sense, but when they don’t a game can often descend into a much […]

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One-Shot Symbaroum

March 22, 2016 Paul Baldowski 6

Approximate time to read: 3 minutes.   One-shot quick-start games matter a lot. If you can sit down and run something with only 15 minutes of warm-up […]

The Symbaroum Funnel

February 19, 2016 Paul Baldowski 7

Approximate time to read: 4 minutes.   Dungeon Crawl Classics has something called “the funnel”, an adventure approach that takes a large number of very low-level characters […]