Symbaroum at Gen Con

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It’s just over a week until Gen Con. While I never expected it to happen, I will be attending this year. Indeed, if you pull out your copy of Wrath of the Warden, a few of the people on the credits page will be at Gen Con – including my fellow proof-reader John Marron, artist Martin Bergström and writer Mattias Johnsson.

I will be either running games (most of Thursday, my own game The Cthulhu Hack; a session on Friday, Cypher Systems Predation) or working the booth for All Rolled Up (that’s booth 2959 on Entrepreneur’s Avenue). I think you might want to try Modiphius Entertainment’s booth (2461), which isn’t too far away from me, to see if Mattias might be hanging out there; otherwise, get your treasure-seeker gear on and plumb the dark depths of the exhibitor hall. John will be on the Arc Dream booth in the exhibitor’s hall (431).

I’m happy to chat about Symbaroum and The Iron Pact if you catch me at the booth (or anywhere else, for that matter). All Rolled Up will also have Symbaroum merchandise on the All Rolled Up stand, in the form of some gorgeous, hand-crafted, Davokar-illustrated game rolls.

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