Of Blackhawk and Symbar

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It would seem that Symbaroum has been anything but quiet in March and you have plenty of time, opportunity and reason to catch up if you somehow missed these two – the Symbar: Mother of Darkness Kickstarter and The Ballads of Blackhawk adventure writing competion.

Symbar: Mother of Darkness

If you haven’t noticed, the Symbaroum team has the next chapter in The Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns up on Kickstarter. At the time of posting, we still have 17 days to go and all the announced stretch goals have funded (through 700K SEK).

That’s fantastic!

Not only does that mean we get the new chapter of the campaign, but we also get a new updated version of the GM Screen and, most exciting for me, the Symbaroum Game Master’s Guide.

The Game Master’s Guide will include guidance on designing new material, creating challenges for experienced characters, handling large scale battles, managing journeys, providing rewards and introducing troupe play. The Iron Pact (and Ordo Magica) has touched on many of these over the last three years, so it will be interesting to see the game designers take.

If you haven’t added your pledge, get over to the Symbar: Mother of Darkness Kickstarter now!

The Ballads of Blackhawk

Another thing you might have missed, but still have plenty of opportunity to participate in, is the Symbaroum adventure writing challenge, The Ballads of Blackhawk.

Fans of the game have the chance to flex their creative muscles and submit a short adventure, featuring the travelling troubadour Blackhawk and set in the world of Symbaroum.

I have the pleasure being one of the judges on this competition, so I’m excited to see more contributions and where they might take us!

Submission guidelines and prize details, below, and you can find the original discussion about the competition on Reddit.

Submission Rules:

  • The scenario has to take place in the world of Symbaroum.
  • Submit your scenario by mailing it to Symbarcontest@gmail.com
  • Submissions will be accessible on Ordomagica.com and Theironpact.com
  • Submissions that exceed a length of 1500 words will receive a scoring penalty.
  • Scenario titles and stat blocks do not add to the word count.
  • All submissions are anonymous until the contest is over.
  • Send your submission in a text attachment or directly in the mail. No PDFs.
  • Multiple submissions are allowed.
  • Authors are free to vote for their own submission.
  • The last day for submissions is Wednesday, May 1, 2019.
  • Three winners will be decided on through a poll which ends on Friday, May 31, 2019.


  • First place will have their adventure illustrated by Nicolas Arnold and will get a professional layout
  • Second place wins a drivethruRPG giftcard of 30 USD
  • Third place wins a drivethruRPG giftcard of 15 USD

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