New Translations – Dec 2018

Approximate time to read: 1 minutes.   

I’m pleased to say that the opportunity and assistance has been favourable to get two new articles up on non-English versions of The Iron Pact.

Thanks to those who assisted with the translations – their details appear at the end of each article. Thanks too to those who support The Iron Pact through Patreon. I don’t charge for posting non-English articles on the other sites, but without the support from The Iron Pact Patreon I wouldn’t have the time and resource to get everything done either. If you enjoy these articles, you’re welcome to come to Patreon to add your support.

On the French site – Le Pacte De Fer – we have Confiance en une Terre Promise, a translation of Trust in a Promised Land.

On the Spanish site – El Pacto de Hierro – we have Mejor no contarlo, a translation of Best Left Unspoken.

If you’re interested in helping with the ongoing translation work, contact me on oathsworn AT theironpact DOT com – and I’ll get back to you.

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