More Strange Remnants

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I posted a list of strange remains of the Symbaroum Empire in Archaeology Today – and it occurred to me that I haven’t posted to Twitter in a while with strings of immediately usable ideas. In the past, I’ve added random encounters and if you use the tags for them, you can get something ‘generated’ at random.

I think it would be worth doing the same for Strange Remnants.

I have started by adding a few from the existing list but will compile more over the next couple of weeks and tag them with #stremnants on Twitter.

With that in mind, I’ll be using the excellent Buffer application, as I have for this sort of thing in the past. Buffer means that when I have a bit of a creative flow, I can get it all lined up and ready for Twitter – but, the basic offer only allows for 10 prepared posts.

That reminded me that the first goal of my Patreon was to get a Buffer subscription, which would allow me to prepare 100 posts in advance – ensuring a pretty constant stream of Symbaroum-focussed goodness. To get there – I need just $2 more pledge per blog post.

Supporting me on Patreon means I can spend more time creating new content, expanding the coverage of The Iron Pact – including adventures, encounters, new adversaries, artefacts, alternate game mechanics, helpful printable resources and more. In the last year, I have posted 78,880 words of new content – supported by your clicks and a small gathering of Patrons. As interest in Symbaroum continues to explode, I will keep plugging away at adding my own creations – and that support and those pledges provide me with great help in setting time aside to do that.


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