Uron’s Breath

Approximate time to read: 1 minutes.   

Tradition: Witchcraft (blessed of Uron)
Material: A drop of snake venom on the tongue; mystic breathes a gentle hiss throughout
The gentle hiss of the Serpent God lulls opposition into a state of ease and restfulness, robbing them of their wariness.

At all levels of ability, the mystic must maintain a hissing sound, inhibiting common acts of communication, initiating new mystical powers, or extreme bursts of physical exertion (combat remains manageable, but sprinting, for example, would not). Unless noted otherwise, damage will necessitate a Concentration check (pg 130) or end the effect.

Novice – Free. The gentle sound of hissing creates a state of calm. The target closest to the mystic succumbs if the mystic passes a [ResoluteResolute] test; if this succeeds, an attempt is made to calm the next target and so on, until the test fails. The mystic must choose to penalise one of the targets’ attributes by -1, as long as the hissing persists: Accurate, Quick or Vigilant.

Adept – Free. Same effect as the novice level. However, the effect dulls all the senses, applying a -1 penalty to Accurate, Quick and Vigilant.

Master – Free. Same effect as the adept level, except the affected targets struggle to stay awake at all. Those who fail the initial test can only take Movement (at half normal speed) and Passive Actions each turn until they make a successful [Resolute] test.