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The character holds a position of authority within society, and can attain certain advantage and sway as a result amidst those who hold that office in respect. In many ways, this is a non-species specific version of Privilege and something that can be acquired after character creation. The character gets Favor when making social challenges within their own organisation, and then only when asking, demanding or commanding something out of the ordinary.

In addition, the character gets a +1 bonus to Persuasive tests when dealing with common members of the wider community who have no reason to ignore, despise or deride requests.

The Office brings with it a small financial benefit of 10 thalers; ongoing, the character will have to willingly participate in activities and tasks associated with their position.

Office may be taken in the following circles: Bureaucratic (amongst settlement administration), Entrepreneurial (amongst traders), Martial (amongst guardians), Sectarian (amongst cults), or Seekers (amongst treasure-seekers). Other options may exist.