Quick Arrow Reclamation

March 23, 2017 Paul Baldowski 0

Approximate time to read: 4 minutes.   The Symbaroum Advanced Player’s Guide (APG) includes a whole selection of optional mechanics in the Alternative Rules section. Some will work for […]

Who You Know

July 5, 2016 Paul Baldowski 0

Approximate time to read: 6 minutes.   While the Contacts Trait appears in the Symbaroum Core Book as a Trait, generally associated with the player’s choice of […]

Favor and Disfavor

June 28, 2016 Paul Baldowski 3

Approximate time to read: 5 minutes.   Symbaroum has a simple system for handling the challenges presented to characters. When challenged directly, players roll against one of […]

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U is for Undead

April 25, 2016 Paul Baldowski 2

Approximate time to read: 6 minutes.   Death is not an option. Or, at least, sometimes you don’t want it to be something thrust upon a player […]

Dice Clocks

March 31, 2016 Paul Baldowski 0

Approximate time to read: 7 minutes.   When you have a team of people working together to achieve a specific objective, it can come down to the […]

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Ansel Redefined

February 13, 2016 Paul Baldowski 1

Approximate time to read: 2 minutes.   Google+ user Sushi Bacon highlighted concerns about the Defense score for pre-generated character Ansel, the Theurg of the Church of […]