Oroke’s Blessing

Approximate time to read: 1 minutes.   

Tradition: Witchcraft (blessed of Oroke)
Material: An insect cocooned in spider silk
The primal essence of the spider god pervades every culture, civilised or otherwise. The mystic who embraces, rather than fears, the embodiment of the spider can tap into the deep potential of all children of Oroke.

Novice – Active. The mystic targets a point within line of sight. Until the end of the Scene, the Mystic can hear and make [Vigilant] tests as if at the target location for the purpose of hearing any sounds, conversation and so forth.

Adept – Active. The mystic whispers a single word targeted at an individual within sight. With a successful [ResoluteResolute] test, the target becomes utterly terrified by something, as if exposed to their worst of all possible fears. They become utterly incapable of taking any action but moving away from the location, generally away from the position of the Mystic; if blocked from doing this by terrain or structures, they drop to the floor and curl up as small as they possibly can. The target can make a new test each turn to shrug off the effects. The Mystic is not consciously aware of the word uttered when channelling the power.

Master – Active. The mystic taps into the limitless reach of Oroke while focused and visualising a specific person or object. Until the end of the Scene, the mystic knows the general location of the target and what path to follow to reach it. As the mystic grows closer to the target, the precision of the location becomes clear, like closing on an insect caught in a web. The target cannot hide or be hidden from the mystic while the power remains in effect.