Lessons Learned

Approximate time to read: 1 minutes.   

Tradition: Wizardry
Material: A smear of charred parchment

Thought and memory are delicate things, given to change and decay without notice and through minimal interaction. Spoken word, even when apparently unrelated and innocuous, allows the mystic to play with perception and recollection. The Lessons are interrupted if the mystic uses another mystical power or if concentration is lost.

Novice – Free. With a passed [Persuasive←Resolute] test, the mystic targets an individual such that they have a second chance to fail all success tests while within hearing of the mystics spoken words.

AdeptFree. With a passed [Persuasive←Resolute] test, the mystic’s target cannot remember something while remaining within earshot of the mystic’s spoken word. The thing forgotten must be summed up with specificity in a half a dozen words or so. “Forget you saw me today”, “Forget the last conversation you had”, or “Forget today’s password for the gate” have sufficient specificity to work.

MasterFree. With a passed [Persuasive←Resolute] test, the target acts in a way that makes perfect sense to them and will argue the point against the better belief or knowledge of their colleagues, associates or other parties. A single action, summed up in a instruction of no more than a dozen words, becomes the overwhelming imperative of the target. The instruction may have nuance and complexity, but will remain operative only while within hearing distance and the mystical power persists. “Denounce the sovereignty of Queen Korinthea as an deceiver and a whore”, “Unlock the door to the treasury and command the guard to leave”, or “Command a day’s reprieve of the guards’ hunt for the duke’s murderers.”