Harsh Rebuke

Approximate time to read: 1 minutes.   

Words can have as much impact as a strike upon the cheek or a whack upon the shield. Whether in the taverns of Blackmoor or the hallowed debating chambers of Yndaros, the techniques of the seasoned wordsmith can leave those unprepared faltering and in doubt.

Novice – Passive. The character has a second chance to succeed in social challenges and encounters; the character’s careful use of words leaves those listening doubting themselves rather than the words they’re hearing.

Adept – Reaction. In the situation of a normal social challenge, the character uses strong language, knowledge of an individual’s questionable proclivities, or similar words intended to shock and wrong foot. If the character succeeds with a [Persuasive←Resolute] test, the target is unable to take an action, of any kind, in their following turn unless their life depends on it – in which case they can defend themselves.

Master – Active. In the realms of verbal pugilism, the character holds their own, pummelling their social opposition with relentless invective. If the character succeeds with a [Persuasive←Resolute] test, the target loses a point of Resolute (similar to the damage inflicted by the Monstrous Trait Alternative Damage and healed in the same way).