Approximate time to read: 1 minutes.   

Tradition: Wizardry
Material: A square of mirror-polished steel
During the time that the Ordo Septimus has explored, they have mastered the subtle arts of small exchanges of place – nothing like those achieved through Magic Circles or artefacts; these subtle movements serve as a means to confound and confused as much as anything. However, even acts so small punch small holes in the fabric of the world and none are entirely without risk; any roll of 20 when activating this Power pokes dangerous holes in the Walls of Reality (see below).

Novice – Active. With a passed [AccurateQuick] test, the character can target an object in someone else’s grasp and displace it – either into their own hands or send it 10 paces away in a random direction. The Accurate test resolves the mystics co-ordination versus the targets reactions; swap outs from Backstab, Dominate, Feint, Iron Fist, Knife Play and Tactician will not work here, though Sixth Sense will.

Adept – Active. With a passed [ResoluteResolute] test against a target within a range of two movement actions, the mystic and the target switch locations. Both targets briefly witness the luminous and shadowy chaos that lies outside our perception sandwiched between the planes of reality. The monstrous and alien visions force the mystic to make a [Grueling Resolute] check, else suffer 1D4 points of temporary Despair. The displacement does not draw a Free Attack, even if either mystic or target effectively withdrew from melee.

Master – Active. With a [Accurate] test, the character displaces an small object inside a target. The target suffers 1D6 penetrating damage immediately and then each turn thereafter if they take any action that involves any gross body movement – encompassing most Active, Movement and Reactive actions (the Game Masters makes the call on what does or doesn’t represent a gross movement). While still or engaged in passive action, the target can avoid further damage. The effect remains active until the object can be removed – either by a Medicus of Adept level or higher or by inflicting 2D6 damage with improvised surgery.