Code of Honor (expanded)

Approximate time to read: 1 minutes.   

The version in the Advanced Player’s Guide suggests that the character can never opt to run from a fight which has begun. However, other codes may apply:

  • Fear Prios, Maintain Faith: You fear the majesty and might of Prios. Faith must never falter. You never turn away from a slight against the name or word of Prios and will seek to bolster the faith of those around you with chapter and verse, whether they like it or not.
  • Protect the Weak: Those who came to Ambra did so in good faith and intention; you cannot allow personal sacrifice come to nothing. You will never turn aside a cry for help or leave the defenceless without protection, no matter the personal cost; though, if you can requisition assistance and support, all the better.
  • Eschew Monetary Reward: You do not seek vile prize in return for tasks you undertake. You will receive recompense where offered, but will never seek it; just as you will stand up against those who seek to extract payment in return for nothing or seek groundless tribute.
  • Speak the Truth: You value honesty, openness and sincerity as virtues; without these values, how can a community under siege hope to survive? You will never tell a lie or wilfully misguide anyone; sometimes you might guide the conversation away from a sensitive subject, but if asked directly you will not deceive.